AF. is a creative, innovation-driven boutique consultancy specialized in generating genuine value for brands in the luxury industry with strategies that transform and transcend.



Integrated brand experiences across all touchpoints to enhance customer engagement.

In today’s world of endless choices, the brand experience is what brings the brand’s story come to life. With a focus on differentiation and a customer centric approach, we develop holistic brand experiences – meaningful, memorable and iconic concepts that engage and inspire.

  • Collector events
  • Online & offline bespoke event concepts
  • Customized marketing concepts
  • Experiential marketing


Conveying the brand narrative and making it come to live in words, images and motions.

Strategized and properly executed content has the power to impact the audience’s decision-making. Content consistency establishes credibility, builds trust and strengthens engagement. Our expertise lies in merging the story into the concepts that enhance a distinctive brand image. We explore disruptive ideas put in practice and focus on creative storytelling. 

  • Compelling editorials
  • Corporate content
  • Social media content
  • Video and photo production


Tailored strategies for brands to maintain and reinforce their relevance in a rapidly evolving market.

The strategy is the foundation and the guiding path for every brand – a clear strategy ensures substantial understanding and sustainable growth. After defining tailormade strategies coherent with the brand’s needs, we provide the necessary support throughout the entire implementation process, ensuring consistency in the creation of unique brands.

  • Turnkey digital concepts
  • Trend research and innovation consulting
  • Positioning strategies
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Storytelling


Building the link between brands and key players within the industry.

Through many years of expertise in the business, we have acquired substantial knowledge of markets, brands and customers. AF.’s significant network is made available according to the requirements of the brands, strengthening their business connections, fostering shared knowledge and creating a virtuous cycle.

  • Identify relevant opportunities
  • Advisory services for 3rd party partnerships
  • Create areas of interaction
  • Retail and distribution support


Created by AF. in collaboration with communication specialists, financial analysts and watch industry experts, the Watch Report is an accurate and reliable source of information for all decision makers.

The AF. Watch Report serves as a tool to get a precise picture of what is happening in the watch industry by providing direct access to key information.

AF. guides brands to embrace change to create value. A holistic integration of business strategy, brand-driven innovation and creative thinking is the key to success for brands to stand out.

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